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Un blog qui se veut sérieux et attractif sur mes passions: cinéma et le développement personnel. A blog what wants to be serious and attractive about my passions: cinema and personal development

Winning an Award for "Justice" from "The Best Shorts Competition"

Winning an Award for "Justice" from "The Best Shorts Competition"

This is the mail I received yesterday evening:

Dear Nicolas:


On behalf of our entire staff and panel of judges, I am pleased to inform you that you have won a Best Shorts Competition Award!

Nicolas Delrieu (France)


Award of Merit Special Mention: Film Short

Winning a Best Shorts is something you and your entire team can be proud of! Our judges base their decisions on the quality, creativity and technical aspects of each piece. The award appropriately reflects the endless hours you and your team have spent to create your outstanding production! Congratulations on your achievement!

In the next few days we will email you information and materials to assist you with the publicity and promotion of your piece, including winner’s laurels and press releases.

So CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL MY TEAM FOR YOUR GREAT AND AMAZING JOB AND BECAUSE OF YOU, OUR FILM WILL ME PROMOTED TO "40,000 filmmakers, industry contacts and global media/distribution outlets" (from http://bestshorts.net/?page_id=13 ) !!!


Best regards to everyone,

Nicolas Delrieu

Winning an Award for "Justice" from "The Best Shorts Competition"

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